VALOR: True Bare Knuckle Boxing Returns October 27 in Jacksonville, Florida

Get ready as Valor Bare Knuckle 2, the authentic bare-knuckle boxing platform, gears up for another electrifying evening in the world of combat sports. Established by the iconic MMA fighter Ken Shamrock in partnership with Valor Sports and Entertainment Inc., a forward-thinking sports media firm, VBK aims to reshape the combat sports horizon. VBK2 is scheduled at the University of North Florida (UNF) Center in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 27, 2023.

VBK harks back to traditional fighting methods, removing gloves and revealing the genuine core of combat sports. The esteemed MMA Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock, will preside over this awaited event, offering spectators an immersive dive into this innovative discipline.

Ken Shamrock remarked, “The comeback of Valor Bare Knuckle is a monumental chapter in combat sports’ growth. Devoting my life to mixed martial arts, I’m confident that genuine bare-knuckle boxing will extract peak performances from athletes and mesmerize spectators. VBK represents a transformative phase in sports, and I’m privileged to witness its birth.”

VBK introduces a game-changer: the electrifying Bout Circle. This ensures spectators have a pristine perspective, free from ropes or cages. The rapid-fire rounds on this avant-garde stage not only stimulate involvement but also establish the backdrop for flawless action. This cutting-edge design promises an unmatched visual experience, positioning Valor Bare Knuckle Boxing to capture the hearts of fighting aficionados worldwide.

Shamrock added, “The creation of the Bout Circle reflects our vow to offer our spectators a matchless viewing experience. Furnishing a clear view of each thrilling moment ensures that, be it a live event or a TV broadcast, you’re privy to the best vantage point. The meticulously designed camera angles capture every blow, enhancing the viewer’s experience.”

Distinguishing itself further, VBK has implemented a unique set of rules that distinguishes their fights. These guidelines are curated to enhance the thrill factor.

Shamrock explained, “Our authentic bare-knuckle guidelines unequivocally ban clinching, grabbing, and shoving, effectively eliminating unsporting boxing methods. Athletes are mandated to stay within the ring, with penalties for violations. We prioritize safety: only clenched fists are allowed, thwarting potential eye injuries. Using open hands for defense or parrying is strictly off-limits.”

VBK2 is all set to present an array of bare-knuckle duels. With the UNF Center as the backdrop, it’s a fusion of legacy and novelty in the realm of combat. Ken Shamrock will grace the event as the host, adding a layer of significance to this monumental night.

For comprehensive details about Valor Bare Knuckle and VBK2, navigate to their official portal: Details regarding ticket availability for VBK2 will be announced soon.