Valor Sports & Entertainment, Inc Announces Landmark Collaboration with the Florida State (FOP) Fraternal Order of Police

Valor Sports & Entertainment, Inc., a titan in the realm of combat sports, has declared an innovative alliance with the esteemed Florida State (FOP) Fraternal Order of Police. This partnership is not just about punches and jabs; it’s an emblematic fusion of sports and community outreach, weaving a tapestry of unity, shared dreams, and unwavering respect.

The Florida State FOP, an institution celebrated for its enduring commitment to officers and the community’s greater good, aligns perfectly with Valor Sports Inc. Together, the dynamic duo envisions kick-starting initiatives that will not only elevate the combat sports realm but also leave a positive footprint in the wider community.

Enter Ken Shamrock, the brains behind Valor Bare Knuckle and a global sensation, often hailed as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”. Pouring his excitement into words, Shamrock mentioned, “Valor isn’t just about sports. This union with Florida State FOP underlines our broader objective. There’s a monumental task ahead, and we’re rolling up our sleeves, ready to dive deep. Real change? That needs vision, guts, and unwavering dedication. Given my tenure working with diverse groups, from at-risk youngsters to the military, I’m confident that by linking arms with Florida State FOP, we can cook up initiatives that’ll not only win cheers in stadiums but also hearts in communities.”

Echoing Shamrock’s fiery zeal, Steve Zona, State of Florida President of the FOP, voiced, “For the Florida State FOP, with its 25,000-strong member base, this association with Valor Sports & Valor Bare Knuckle is a badge of honor. It’s invigorating to collaborate with a group that genuinely champions those who don the badge and pour their souls into community service. Here’s to a fruitful future, where together, we’ll spark significant change for our members and the society they serve.”

While the nitty-gritty of this partnership remains under wraps for now, both teams have let slip that the upcoming ventures will undoubtedly mirror their joint ideals and aspirations. Stay tuned!