UFC Hall of Fame Welcomes Joanna Jedrzejczyk: A Legacy of Grit and Glory

the UFC has decided to grace Joanna Jedrzejczyk with a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame’s ‘Modern Wing’, making her the class act of 2024. She’s only the second woman to get this nod and the first from the strawweight division because, let’s be honest, who else comes close?

The ceremony, part of the so-called 12th Annual UFC International Fight Week (because they love their annual shindigs), promises to be an evening where everyone pretends they didn’t see this coming months ago. Dana White, the man with the plan, took a break from counting cash to heap praises on Joanna, calling her a “killer” in the Octagon, which is news to absolutely nobody.

With a history of 21 throwdowns and a record that screams “I’m kind of a big deal” at 16-5, Joanna’s induction is less a surprise and more a “finally!” moment. Her journey from a unanimous decision in her debut to steamrolling over the strawweight division is the stuff of legends—or at least a really good Netflix docu-series.

Remember when she casually picked up the strawweight belt and decided to keep it warm for a record five defenses? Or when she faced off with Rose Namajunas and we all pretended the outcome was in doubt? Classic Joanna.

And let’s not forget the “fight of the century” against Zhang Weili at UFC 248, where they basically decided to see who could hit the hardest without falling over. Spoiler: It was a split decision, but really, weren’t we all winners for witnessing that brawl?

Joanna Jedrzejczyk stands out—not just for her knack to send opponents into a tailspin inside the Octagon but for her rather crowded trophy shelf too. It’s almost as if she was vying for “The Most Decorated Fighter” title, snagging the Female Fighter of the Year back in 2015, courtesy of MMA Junkie. But why stop there when you can etch your name into the annals of Fight of the Year across multiple platforms for that heart-stopping ballet of bruises against Zhang Weili at UFC 248?

Before the MMA world laid eyes on her, Joanna was already busy in Muay Thai, amassing a rather eye-popping record of 37-3 in the amateur ring—because apparently, jumping into professional fighting without a hefty dose of victories was too mainstream for her. Those three losses? Oh, they just happened to be against none other than Valentina Shevchenko, because if you’re going to lose, you might as well lose to the best, right?

And just when you thought Joanna’s life outside the ring might involve basking in the glory of her victories, she decides to don the cape of a philanthropist. Serving as an ambassador for children’s hospitals and food banks in Poland, she’s been fighting the good fight against poverty and illness.


  • Most significant strikes landed in UFC women’s history – 1,754
  • Most title fight wins in UFC strawweight history – 6
  • Highest rate of significant strikes per minute in UFC strawweight history – 6.59
  • Highest significant strike differential per minute in UFC strawweight history – +3.37
  • Longest winning streak in UFC strawweight history – 8
  • Tied for most wins in UFC strawweight history – 10
  • Recorded six of the top 10 most significant strikes landed in a fight in UFC strawweight history
  • 225 vs. Andrade (UFC 211)
  • 220 vs. Letourneau (UFC 193)
  • 186 vs. Zhang (UFC 248)
  • 180 vs. Waterson – Gomez (UFC FN: Joanna vs. Waterson)
  • 176 vs. Gadelha (TUF Finale: Joanna vs. Claudia 2)
  • 171 vs. Kowalkiewicz (UFC 205)

So, as Joanna takes her well-deserved spot in the Hall of Fame, let’s raise our glasses (or gloves) and pretend we’re surprised.