The Professional Fighters League Announces Its 2024 PFL Regular Season Beginning April 4

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) has unfurled the tapestry for the initial saga of the 2024 Regular Season, setting stages across the US from San Antonio to Chicago, all to be broadcast live on ESPN’s triumvirate of platforms. The plot thickens in this year’s narrative, as the PFL, already a crucible for the elite, welcomes a brigade of Bellator stalwarts, thus enriching its ranks with unprecedented depth.

The PFL Regular Season has escalated in intensity with the enlistment of Bellator luminaries, as confirmed by PFL’s helmsman, Peter Murray. The league’s odyssey across six divisions is not just a quest for supremacy but a lucrative pursuit, with a $1 million bounty awaiting the victors.

Murray’s announcement heralds a grand commencement in San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Chicago, setting the stage for what could be the most monumental Regular Season to date. The league’s caravan will meander through ten prime markets, casting its spell on 160 nations worldwide.

The curtain rises on April 4 at the Boeing Center, San Antonio, where giants and the debutant Women’s Flyweight division will clash, starring the likes of Dakota Ditcheva and a cohort of Bellator champions. The saga continues on April 12 in Las Vegas, spotlighting the Light Heavyweight and Lightweight gladiators, with PFL and Bellator champions gracing the arena.

The crescendo builds on April 19 in Chicago, where the Welterweights and Featherweights will dance the dance of combat, featuring undefeated talents and seasoned champions from the Bellator echelons.

This year’s PFL odyssey adheres to a time-honored sports-season blueprint, guiding fighters through a triptych of Regular Season, Playoffs, and Championship, each division’s zenith crowned with a $1 million reward. The league promises further revelations on the full roster, dates, and locales imminently.

Broadcast live in the U.S. and accessible globally from Canada to Europe via DAZN, the 2024 PFL Regular Season beckons fans to the edge of their seats. With tickets soon to be unleashed and VIP experiences up for grabs, aficionados are invited to delve into a realm where champions are forged and legends are born.

April 4, 2024, Boeing Center in San Antonio, TX
Heavyweight and Women’s Flyweight Divisions

April 12, 2024, The Theater at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas
Light Heavyweight and Lightweight Divisions

April 19, 2024, Wintrust Arena in Chicago
Welterweight and Featherweight Divisions