In a smashing move, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) – the vanguard of MMA’s evolution and its fastest-growing league – has just inked a robust broadcasting deal with SportyTV. The objective? To beam live fight sensations into the living rooms of eager fans in Nigeria and Ghana. Now, enthusiasts can brace themselves for a front-row feel of the PFL World Championship in Washington, D.C. on November 24. And that’s not all; the Paris PFL Europe Playoff on September 30 and the Dublin PFL Europe Championship on December 8 are also on the menu!

Taking its game to the African turf, PFL’s alliance with SportyTV, the go-to sports channel in Africa, marks its audacious quest to quench the continent’s thirst for top-tier MMA showdowns. And if that didn’t get your heart racing, the inception of PFL Africa should! Spearheaded by the MMA dynamo, Francis Ngannou, PFL Africa aims to establish a solid MMA footprint and churn out champions ready to step onto the global arena.

PFL SVP, International, James Frewin threw in his two cents, emphasizing the goldmine of potential for MMA in Africa. He elaborated on PFL’s vision of shaping the sport’s trajectory in Africa and spilled the beans on the highly anticipated launch of PFL Africa in 2025. With Ngannou at the helm, it’s clear skies ahead!

Elias Gallego, Sporty Group’s heavyweight VP, couldn’t contain his excitement. He emphasized SportyTV’s unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch sports content and how the PFL collaboration stands as a testament to that promise.

As the PFL World Championship gears up, it promises a jackpot night for MMA, featuring six exhilarating title fights and a whopping $1 million prize for each champion. The evening promises fireworks with the likes of Kayla Harrison, Biaggio Ali Walsh, Bubba Jenkins, and Chris Wade strutting their stuff in the SmartCage.

PFL’s global cred is evident. It’s the unrivaled trailblazer in MMA, and second to none globally. With its unique sports-season format, PFL introduces a breath of fresh air to MMA: a “win and move forward” approach akin to traditional sports. And as a cherry on top, the PFL SmartCage is set to redefine the MMA experience, marrying tech with adrenaline-packed fights.