Jacksonville’s very own Reggie Northrup is gearing up for a battle in his hometown. A standout in the XFL, Northrup is not only determined to win against Cody “The Reason” Herbert but to create a spectacle for his fans. The showdown is part of Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA event, scheduled for September 8th in VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida. It will be accessible to fans live on the Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA YouTube page.

Northrup’s preparations for this face-off are intense. “I’m training for this like it’s a bout with Jon Jones,” he admits, displaying the depth of his commitment. Although he holds Herbert in high regard, acknowledging that he expects his opponent to come with his best, Northrup’s confidence in his own abilities is unwavering.

Having donned the jerseys of the Los Angeles Rams and Washington Commanders, and now playing with the XFL’s DC Defenders, Northrup has mastered the art of entertaining a crowd. His style is both compelling and dynamic. “I’ve learned what thrills the crowd, and I’m all set to bring that excitement to the cage on September 8th,” he promises.

The transition between his two sports isn’t lost on him. In reflecting on the differences in cardio for football and fighting, he appreciates the nuances but also recognizes the crossover benefits. Short, rapid bursts are key to football, whereas the stamina required for fighting is more sustained and draining. Yet, his MMA training has enhanced his football conditioning, and vice versa.

Northrup’s ambitions are not restricted to being a dual-sport athlete. He’s aiming for greatness and striving to inspire others that anything is achievable. He had a taste of MMA while training with the Rams and took up the sport seriously in 2020. He’s been unbeaten since then, each victory adding fuel to his drive to refine his techniques.

Training rigorously in Ocoee, FL, with coach Julian Williams, Northrup’s focus is crystal clear. He’s on a mission to prove his mettle in front of his hometown fans. His lofty goals don’t stop there, as he’s eyeing the light heavyweight world champion title. He avows, “I’m investing the time and effort to make my dream a reality, and that’s what counts.”