Professional Fighters League & U-next Announce Multi-year Agreement

The Professional Fighters League (PFL), a beacon of rapid growth and innovation in the sports arena, has just inked a hefty, multi-year deal with U-NEXT, Japan’s premier video streaming giant, to host PFL and Bellator’s thrilling showdowns. The curtain rises on this partnership with the groundbreaking PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions pay-per-view extravaganza in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, come Saturday, February 24.

This pact ensures that all PFL Global Regular Season, PFL Europe, and PFL MENA events, along with a treasure trove of past fights, will exclusively grace screens in Japan via U-NEXT. Moreover, this platform will keep the live Bellator action flowing, kicking off with the inaugural Bellator Champions Series in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on March 22.

James Frewin, PFL’s SVP of International Affairs, shared, “A pivotal slice of our global conquest strategy involves allying with top-tier media entities in strategic locales worldwide, and this long-term accord with U-NEXT to parade top-flight MMA action to Japanese aficionados is a cause for celebration.”

U-NEXT’s head honcho, Tenshin Tsutsumi, expressed his elation, stating, “We’re over the moon to forge this alliance with the Professional Fighters League, the crème de la crème of the MMA world. Starting with the PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions clash, U-NEXT vows to keep serving up prime MMA fare to our Japanese audience and cement our status as the go-to MMA hub.”

As PFL’s footprint widens on the global stage, its commitment to nurturing emerging talent, including Japanese martial arts luminaries like Kana Watanabe and Goiti Yamauchi, remains unwavering.

PFL stands out in the MMA cosmos with its unique sports-season setup, where fighters battle through a regular season, playoffs, and championship annually. The collective might of PFL and Bellator features 30% of fighters ranked in the top 25 of their divisions worldwide, matching UFC’s tally. With grand plans for the sport, PFL is sculpting the “Champions League of MMA,” with PFL Europe, PFL MENA, and more international ventures on the drawing board. PFL is at the forefront of technological and innovative advancements with its PFL SmartCage, enhancing fight analytics, real-time betting, AI scoring, and revolutionizing the viewer experience. Stateside, PFL commands the prime time slot on ESPN/ESPN+ and enjoys a global audience through broadcasts and streams in 150 countries via 20 leading media partners.