PFL Europe Announces Huge Card For Playoffs In Paris Live On DAZN

The rapidly advancing Professional Fighters League (PFL) unveiled an all-star lineup for the much-anticipated PFL Europe Playoffs happening this September 30th in Paris. This event is set to be one of the major MMA highlights of the year.

At the forefront of this spectacular evening is Cedric ‘The Best’ Doumbe. This 30-year-old prodigy, former Glory kickboxing champion, and a top Welterweight contender, is set to clash with undefeated compatriot Jordan Zebo in what promises to be an electrifying French face-off.

Making his grand entry into the PFL is MMA prodigy Abdoul ‘The Lazy King’ Abdouraguimov. With a solid 16-1 record at just 27, this former ARES FC double champ is on a collision course with seasoned Brazilian fighter Quemuel Ottoni. This match-up further solidifies PFL’s commitment to tapping into the vast French market.

Apart from these headline fights, PFL Europe Playoffs are packed with intense matchups across multiple weight categories: Light Heavyweight, female Flyweight, Bantamweight, and Lightweight semi-finals, all leading to the inaugural season’s climax. The stakes? A straight ticket to PFL Europe’s 2024 season.

French Light Heavyweight sensation, Anthony Salamone, fresh off a triumphant win in Newcastle, is gearing up to face Slovenian powerhouse Jakob Nedoh. Meanwhile, England’s Simeon Powell is about to put his undefeated streak at risk against Spanish sensation Abdellah Er-Ramy.

The MMA community in Ireland has a big night ahead. Frans Mlambo, Dylan Tuke, and John Mitchell are all prepped for back-to-back matches in Paris. Notable matchups include Mlambo’s face-off with Francesco Nuzzi and Dylan ‘The Nuke’ Tuke locking horns with Polish fighter Jakub Kaszuba.

Adding to the fever pitch is Ali Taleb’s upcoming match with Khurshed Kakhorov and Dakota Ditcheva’s duel with Cornelia Holm.

PFL Europe’s Paris debut is historic for MMA in France, with eight playoff bouts all vying for a shot at the European Championship and a whopping $100,000 prize. “For combat sports aficionados, Paris is the place to be this September 30th,” stated Dan Hardy, PFL Europe’s Head of Fighter Operations.

Also gracing the event are future stars Shanelle Dyer and Yazid Chouchane. Dyer, with a flawless 2-0 streak, aims for a win against Lizzy Gevers, while Chouchane is set for a showdown with Luigi Vendramini.

Full PFL Europe Play Offs Paris Card:

  • Cédric Doumbé (4-0, France) vs Jordan Zebo (4-0, France)

  • Abdoul Abdouraguimov (16-1, France) vs Quemuel Ottoni (12-3, Brazil)

  • Anthony Salamone (8-1, France) vs Jakob Nedoh (6-1, Slovenia)

  • Siméon Powell (8-0, England) vs Abdellah Er-Ramy (7-1, Spain)

  • Dakota Ditcheva (8-0, England) vs Cornelia Holm (6-5, Sweden)

  • Yazid Chouchane (9-3, France) vs Luigi Vendramini (9-3, Italy)

  • Frans Mlambo (14-5, Ireland) vs Francesco Nuzzi (10-1, Italy)

  • Dylan Tuke (6-3, Ireland) vs Jakub Kaszuba (9-0, Poland)

  • John Mitchell (7-1, Ireland) vs Alex Chizov (10-2, Latvia)

  • Ali Taleb (9-0, Sweden) vs Khurshed Kakhorov (10-1, Germany)

  • Griet Eeckhout (7-4-1, Belgium) vs Valentina Scatizzi (2-1, Italy)

  • Lizzy Gevers (2-1, Netherlands) vs Shanelle Dyer (2-0, England)