Pat “The Gorilla Ninja” Casey: “This is a fight you don’t want to miss!”

Pat “The Gorilla Ninja” Casey, with a record of 10-8, is set to tangle for his maiden world crown this Friday, the 23rd of February, as he squares up against Gary “Batman” Balletto Jr., who boasts an 8-3 tally, at the Foxwoods Resort Casino. They’re vying for the coveted vacant CES MMA World Welterweight title at the CES MMA 76 event.

This main spectacle is the cherry on top of a 7-fight extravaganza, also spotlighting UFC alums Yorgan DeCastro and Yuri Panferov in their own separate tussles. The whole shebang kicks off live on Triller at 8pm with the gratis prelims, escalating to the pay-per-view main card at 9pm.

Hurry to nab those scarce tickets from, Ticketmaster, or the Foxwoods Box Office, for this gig is on the brink of a full house!

Never in his wildest dreams did Casey, hailing from Springfield, MA, fancy himself vying for MMA world glory. A lifelong sportsman, this genial chap, at 33, ventured into football at American International College post-high school.

“Football was my jam,” Casey quips, mere days before his title clash. “My daughter’s arrival coincided with my college football debut, pushing me into the workforce.”

He found his calling as a paraprofessional for autistic kids at Springfield Central High School, yet the competitive fire within him remained unquenched.

“Craving athletic pursuits, yet bound by a rigid timetable,” Casey muses, “an invite from my football coach to wrestle at an MMA gym saw me dabbling initially. Football was still the plan until a nudge from my coach saw me pivot to MMA, fully committed.”

Casey’s innate strength and dynamism made wrestling a natural fit, with striking coming just as easily. The real hurdle was mastering the myriad martial arts that complete an MMA fighter’s arsenal.

“Jiu Jitsu was a beast,” Casey reminisces about his early training days. “It’s a complex beast, brimming with nuances. Even years in, you’re always a student, always stumbling upon new techniques. For a speed demon like me, learning to pace myself in Jiu Jitsu was a lesson in patience and precision.”

Casey, at 25, chose the MMA path, a decision that seemed to unlock his destiny. “The Gorilla Ninja” quickly climbed the regional ranks, notched a 7-2 amateur record, scooped up several titles, and garnered a fanbase that caught Bellator MMA’s eye.

From his Bellator debut to his CES MMA, Premier FC, and Caged Titans stints, Casey crisscrossed the nation, honing his craft, all leading to this Friday’s title shot at Foxwoods.

“Nothing’s quite like a casino fight,” Casey confesses, excited for his Foxwoods debut. “Casinos and fights are a match made in heaven. It’s an all-in-one package for supporters – fight, feast, and festivity.”

Awaiting Casey in the octagon is Gary Balletto Jr., a crowd-pleaser fresh off a career-peak victory, a second-round submission of James “The Loose” Cannon, clinching the vacant CES MMA Middleweight title.

“I’ve kept tabs on Gary,” Casey admits. “We’ve shared cards before. A past fight fell through due to his injuries, but I know his game. We’re both seasoned, versatile fighters.”

Yet, Casey is confident his athletic edge will be the game-changer.

“My athleticism is my trump card,” Casey asserts. “Quicker, stronger, more dynamic. Skill-wise, we’re neck and neck, but physically, I’ve got the upper hand.”

In Casey’s words, this fight is more than a bout; it’s the culmination of years of blood, sweat, and tears, a moment he’s eager to share with his steadfast supporters.

“This isn’t just another fight; it’s my first shot at a world title,” Casey reflects. “I’ve been eyeing this belt for over a year, inching closer fight by fight. It’s a big deal, not just for me but for everyone who’s been in my corner from the start. Whether you’re there in person or tuning in, this fight is a collective triumph.”