ONE: HEAVY HITTERS Athlete Interviews + Best Quotes

ONE Championship™ (ONE) athletes competing this Friday at ONE: HEAVY HITTERS answered questions in a series of interviews ahead of their highly anticipated matchups. Check out the full interviews down below.

ONE: HEAVY HITTERS broadcasts live from the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday, 14 January.


Xiong Jing Nan: “I have all the tools. I’ve been focusing on my ground game for a long time. I’m also elevating myself to a higher level as a stand-up fighter. I’ve got all the weapons I need.”

Ayaka Miura: “If we go to the ground I’m definitely stronger. I have better grappling skills, so it’s pretty obvious but that’s what I’m going to do.”

Tiffany Teo: “Besides the loss, a lot of things actually happened after the [Xiong Jing Nan] fight. About one or two months after, I was diagnosed with a really weird condition. I was diagnosed with Anhidrosis. It’s a condition where you can’t sweat. So I’d go for one to two hours of training and I wouldn’t sweat at all, my body is overheating and it was almost impossible for me to train—not to mention fight. So it took me half a year or so to get this figured out. It’s such a rare condition it was hard to find treatment, even in Singapore. But I’m glad that I’ve got it sorted out. All this time off and having all these doubts whether I could step in the Circle again made me realize how much I treasure being able to do this. I tell myself, the next fight—any fight—could be my last fight. I’ve learned that I want to give 100% in every fight I have.”

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“I thought my fights were pretty impressive. You know, I was more impressed with my performance than her last fight against Ritu.”

“I mean, it’s not the first time someone has said they’re going to knock me out. Or they’re going to try to submit me. I’ve experienced going against good strikers and good grapplers, I know I have what it takes to win the fight. So I’m not afraid of facing a good striker or grappler.”

Meng Bo: “I don’t think Tiffany Teo has truly experienced a powerful striker. All the strikers she’s faced before are not as powerful as me, Meng Bo. So in this fight, on Friday night, I’ll let Tiffany know what a heavy punch is.”

“I have reviewed the last two fights between Tiffany and Nicolini, and Tiffany and Miura. I’ve reviewed those fights and studied them, but—I have to say—none of that impressed me. I don’t think they were very impressive fights. So I’m sure I can break her ground game. Let’s see what happens. I’m so confident in my ground game right now, so let’s see.”

Anatoly Malykhin Faces Kirill Grishenko for ONE Interim Heavyweight World Title at ONE: ONLY THE BRAVE on 28 January

“…I’m an upgraded Meng Bo, I’m a new version of Meng Bo. I have new strengths, I have improved my weaknesses. You will see how strong I am in my strawweight debut, I’ll surprise you all.”

James Nakashima: “I see two well-rounded, complete fighters. I see a war of attrition.”

“Saygid is a world-class MMA fighter, that’s what I want. I want to fight the best. I want to be the best. I want to continue to grow and I want these big stages. I love this, I love the pressure. I love this game”

Saygid Izagakhmaev: “Having Khabib [Nurmagomedov] in my corner is really significant. He’s my brother, we’ve been training for almost 15 years. He always gives me the correct hints. And I’m sure, with James, he will give me [those hints].”

“I think [Russian Grappling is superior to American wrestling]. Dagestan wrestling has been proven to be one of the best in the world. We’re among the leaders if you look at the Olympics as well. Dagestanis are at the top, number one. There are exceptions but I believe Dagestan wrestling is pretty strong.”

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“When I was younger in the early stages of my career, preparing for my fights, I was watching stars like Eddie Alvarez and Shinya Aoki. I’d always admired them and enjoyed [watching them]. And Ok, he’s the champion so I want to beat him. That’s it.”

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