ONE Fight Night 20 Post-Fight Interviews

ONE Championship™ (ONE) athletes who competed at ONE Fight Night 20: Todd vs. Phetjeeja answered questions in post-fight interviews following their incredible performances. Hear what they had to say in the below.

Phetjeeja Lukjaoporongtom

Message to Janet Todd:

“It’s such an honor to fight Janet Todd in her retirement fight. I’m very happy that I was part of her last fight so she can remember me, and I can remember her. It’s a historic moment for both of us.”

How she was able to fight through the pressure even before the match:

“Of course, there was a lot of pressure for me because she [Janet Todd] was also the champion. I just kept telling myself not to think about the fight and not to stress out as much and to just go with the flow.”

Who between Janet Todd and Anissa Meksen was a tougher fight for her:

“Both of them are very strong and were both challenging. I can’t compare both of them and decide which one was the most challenging, but I would think that they’re both challenging in different ways. I’m very happy to be able to get past both challenges.”

Whether she wants to fight Allycia Hellen Rodrigues:

“I think there’s a high chance of us facing each other soon. Champion versus champion. I think it’s more likely that I’ll go for the Muay Thai belt.”

What it means for her to emerge victorious on an all-female card on International Women’s Day:

“I’m happy about my victory but more importantly, I feel like it’s rare to see women showing others that we can choose any path and it’s important to show that we can choose any career that we love, and it doesn’t have to be anything traditional anymore. I loved seeing the confidence of the women coming out and being inspired by us.”

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues

How important it was for her to represent women and mothers as a martial artist:

“I’m very happy and honored to be here tonight, representing women and mothers on this all-female card. It’s a deep honor for me to show our strength and our willpower. I’m very happy to represent all the mothers and very honored to be able to inspire them. I hope that I continue to inspire them. I’m very happy to have this opportunity.”

How important it was to get the victory in front of her son:

“I’m extremely happy with this victory because I had my son with me and because it was my mom’s birthday on March 2, and we didn’t get the chance to celebrate it because I was in camp preparing for the fight. This was a way to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I’m very happy, I have no words to describe my happiness at this moment.”

Whether she believes she’s the best female striker in the world:

“I have to believe in myself and trust myself so I’m very happy. Of course, it’s very gratifying to be where I’m at. I don’t think I’m the best but surely one of the best. I’m going to continue doing my best to keep improving and giving it my all during fights.”

What is next for her:

“I’m expecting to fight against Phetjeeja or Stamp Fairtex if she comes back to Muay Thai.”

Whether she’d fight in MMA:

“I’m anxious to make my MMA debut. I think it’ll be a great opportunity to make a run in MMA.”

“I’d like Stamp Fairtex in MMA.”

Message to Janet Todd:

“I want to wish her good luck and congratulate her on her fight today, I think she should be proud of herself. She should be extremely proud of everything she accomplished in ONE. I wish her good luck with her future both with her career and with her family.”

Chihiro Sawada

Whether she believes she’s deserving of taking Jihin Radzuan’s spot in the rankings:

“I’m confident that I can take her spot in the rankings and that I can be even better than her.”

How she’d rate her victory against Rihin Radzuan:

“My victory means a lot to me. I think it’s because my opponent was Jihin herself. Jihin was a ranked athlete and had a lot of experience. She’s very good both in skills and physically. I very much from the bottom of my heart respect her. The fact that she went against me in my debut fight, I’m very grateful for that.”

Who she wants next:

“This victory is going to make me a ranked athlete and of course from now on, I’m going to face nothing but strong opponents. I will keep an attitude as if I were a challenger so that I’m not overconfident. To challenge for the world title, I think I need to gain more experience. I don’t think I can immediately challenge for the title yet, but I need to steadily improve.”

Ekaterina Vandaryeva

Whether she expected Martyna Kierczynska to be as tough as she was:

“Yeah, she’s a pretty good fighter. Her team is great, she was getting ready and training well but at the same time I knew that she makes mistakes. She goes all out when she moves forward, and I knew that I could get the victory.”

Whether she thought people underestimated her chances of beating Martyna Kierczynska and how she felt silencing the critics:

“There was a lot of hype around Martyna before the fight but at the same time, we can’t forget that this is martial arts. The hype doesn’t really matter, the fight matters because fights can go in a random direction. They can go in any direction and sometimes when you have a fighter that’s not the strongest but has an awkward style, it can be hard to fight against. “

What the key to victory was for her:

“I cannot say that there was a particular moment that changed the fight or a particular key that led to my victory. I was just doing everything according to plan. I was using my skills, power, strength, and technique. Martyna is really powerful, and she goes forward but at the same time, that’s her weakness. She has holes in her defense, and I knew if I didn’t scramble and kept everything technical, I was going to get the win.”

What it means to get the victory on International Women’s Day:

“In general, victory feels great but to be able to get the victory on International Women’s Day feels amazing. I feel great. There are so many stereotypes, especially from males about female fighters. When it comes to men, they usually just train but they don’t do anything else. When it comes to female fighters, we do so many things. Of course, we train and fight, but we have our families, cook food, and raise our kids. I’m happy to win on International Women’s Day and I think it proves that we can do everything.”