ONE Fight Night 19 Post-Fight Interviews

 ONE Championship™ (ONE) athletes who competed at ONE Fight Night 19: Haggerty vs. Lobo answered questions in post-fight interviews following their incredible performances. Hear what they had to say in the videos below.


Jonathan Haggerty 

How badly he was hurt in the first round.

“There was no doubt he caught me with a big shot, I wasn’t really hurt that bad. I just thought I’d take a little rest and take a seat. I knew I’d get him back. There isn’t any quit in me, there never is and I showed that tonight.”

Whether he enjoyed being in a brawl against Felipe Lobo.

“I wouldn’t say it’s enjoyable, fighting like that. But I love it, I do love it. I can’t say I’m happy to do it again any time soon, but it is what it is and I’m happy just to get a performance bonus and the belt.”

What he told Felipe Lobo after the fight.

“I just told him that it’s just business. You got to do what you got to do before the fight to build it up and psyche yourself up. At the end of the day, we’re both warriors, there’s respect there. I respect anyone that gets in there with me especially if they put on a performance like he did and stands in the middle of the ring and we have a shoot-out. There’s respect there and I wish him all the best.”

Where the fight against Felipe Lobo ranks on his list of wins.

“If I’m totally honest, I’m not really happy with that performance but the main thing is we got it done. I’m used to just being in and out, bouncing around, hitting and not getting hit but a lot of people said to me it can’t always be your way and I just showed tonight that I’ve got heart.”

How an MMA fight against Fabricio Andrade would play out.

“It’s only going to go one way. Same way as the kickboxing fight went, knockout.”

Whether he believes he’d have the upper hand against Fabricio Andrade.

“Yeah, one hundred percent. Definitely.”

Whether he’s open to fighting Nico Carrillo.

“I’m happy to fight anyone but in this moment in time, it’s back to the drawing board. Forget everyone, I’m a champ champ and they could all wait in line, and they could discuss it amongst themselves. At the moment I’m going to have a little bit of a rest, recoup and elevate.”

Nauzet Trujillo 

Whether he thought he did enough to secure the victory.

“I felt I won all three rounds. We played it safe but still, I felt I won every single round.”

His thoughts on being the underdog against Liam Nolan.

“Of course, we [him and his team] needed to come in here and fight Liam. Everybody knows Liam, nobody knows me, but my team and I were confident that we were going to win because we know what we are and who we are.”

How he feels to represent Spain inside of ONE Championship.

“I’m very proud to represent Spain. I hope I can open the door for other fighters. I don’t see too many fighters from Spain here, but we do have great talent and I hope we can get more Spanish fighters inside of ONE.”

Whether his win against Liam Nolan is the most significant win of his career.

Of course, I’m very happy to have beaten Liam because nobody knew us [him and his team] but now people will see what I’m capable of and I’m sure I’m going to be going up in the ranks and one day become a ONE World Champion.”

Who he wants to fight next.

“To be honest, I don’t really care who I’m fighting because I’m ready for any challenge. If you tell me that next week, I need to fight this fighter or that fighter, I’ll say yes. I don’t care who that person is. If you tell me that next week I have to fight for the championship, I would also say yes and I’m ready to do it.”

Luke Lessei 

Where his win against Eddie Abasolo falls on his list of wins.

“This is the biggest win by far because not only is it to make me the number one USA fighter in this weight class [Featherweight Muay Thai] right now, it’s also a fighter that I’ve looked up to for years being a USA Muay Thai fighter and it was my first win in ONE. This is definitely the biggest win of my career and the biggest fight of my career so far and it feels great to do that against someone that I’ve looked up to for years in Eddie.”

Whether his fight against Eddie Abasolo was one of the most difficult in his career.

“Yeah, both of my fights in ONE have been the most difficult. This one was tough because it was actually the first time I’ve ever been dropped in a fight, the first time getting dropped by one of my favorite fighters, by a fellow American. It definitely was a challenge because I want to be known as “the chosen one”, “the star from America”. When people think of American Muay Thai, I want them to say my name in the same sentence. It was tough, he dropped me but nonetheless I still came out strong and it was another fight of the night in my opinion.”

How he was able to keep his composure after being dropped.

“I think just naturally with the way the fight was playing out, because I had dropped him first and I started smelling blood, and I wanted to get the finish, sometimes when that happens you get caught but when I got caught, I wasn’t even thinking twice about what happened. The only thing on my mind was going back at him and trying to get the finish because I wanted this win so bad. I needed to get the win back so I could get up in the ranks maybe a rematch with Jo Nattawut, maybe fight a couple of the other higher ranked guys. When I got dropped, I just got right back up, I didn’t even think twice so there wasn’t a whole lot of thought right there, I knew I needed to get right back into it and show that Midwest mentality and just bite down and keep going until the very end.”

Whether he thought he could’ve secured the finish if it was a five-round fight.

“I think as every fight goes on, I get a little bit stronger as the rounds go on, so I think going into a fourth or fifth round, I might’ve been able to use my youth, my grit and my durability to finish the fight before the final bell rang. But we still got the win so we’re happy with that.”

Thoughts on Eddie Abasolo as an opponent.

“It was an honor to fight him of course. Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve been following him for years, I’ve looked up to him. He’s played a good role in my maturity as a fighter. It’s crazy fighting a guy that like, if you asked me six years ago “who’s your favorite Muay Thai fighter” I would’ve said Eddie Abasolo without even thinking so it’s crazy to fight him. To get a win against him is even crazier. He was a little bit tougher than I had expected. I know I was hitting him with some powerful shots, and he was just coming forward the entire time. I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought I could get him out of there before the third bell rang but he also dropped me and that was my first time getting dropped so I wasn’t expecting that, but he definitely proved himself and gained more respect from me which I didn’t even know I could respect him even more. I already love that guy as a fighter, so it was pretty dope to see him dogging it out against me.”

Thoughts on whether he’s the best Muay Thai fighter in the US.

“On paper, I guess I do feel that way because I just won against Eddie, and everyone was talking about this is the one was for whoever’s the best in the USA, but I know I have a lot more to prove. I’m only 27 years old. Both of these fights are only a little taste of all the techniques and entertainment abilities that I have so I think it’s just the start. I’m going to separate myself even more as the top American and that’s the goal. On paper, I’m the best American in my weight class [Featherweight Muay Thai] now but hopefully I can increase the separation between every other American fighter. I want to be a legend and a star.”

Whether he feels his match against Eddie will inspire young fighters around the world.

“I’d like to think just naturally my story can inspire people. I’m from a small town in Midwest America, you know just the working class, the working man. I’ve been with the same gym; I’ve been with my dad ever since. 27 years old and, it just takes consistency and I think when I fight, I show real raw passion and it’s authentic heart coming out of me. I think the people are able to see that and relate to it and I just hope it continues to inspire people. I don’t necessarily want every single fight to be Fight of the Night candidate, I do want to get some knockouts and lay some people out and put them to sleep but it is cool to give people some inspiration with super hard fights. It’s always a good thing.”

Who he has in mind next.

“I definitely just want to keep going up in the ranks. I would like to rematch Jo Nattawut probably sometime down the road, get that win back. I don’t want to be the guy that always says I want to fight for the belt because that’s obvious, of course I want the belt. I’d like to know who the fans would want me to fight next because I think I’m a fan friendly fighter and I want to make sure I put on for them and put on good performances that’ll keep spreading my name in the Muay Thai world.”

Martyna Kierczynska 

Thoughts on fighting in ONE Championship.

“It’s like my dreams came true. ONE Championship is the best around the world so I’m super happy that I can be a fighter here. It’s an honor for me and I’m super happy to make my debut. I accepted this fight a week ago so I’m chasing my dreams.”

How she felt beating Wondergirl in her debut.

“It was really good for me. It was a big challenge because Wondergirl is a very experienced fighter. She has six fights in ONE so she’s really good, but I love challenges, so I took the fight. Today, I finished the fight in the second round and that was my plan. I achieved it.”

Who she wants to fight next.

“I think my next fight will be at the end of March. I want to fight as quickly as possible because I’m staying in Thailand for a few more weeks. I can fight against everybody, step by step until a title fight. My first dream was to get into ONE Championship, but my second dream is to become a ONE World Champion and have the belt.”

What it means to her to have “Polish Power”.

“It means that not only do I have strength, but it means I’m fighting from the first, all the way to the last round and I never give up. Until the last second of the fight, I’m trying to get the win.”

How happy she was to showcase her skills on US Primetime.

“I’m super happy that ONE is so popular around the world, in the USA, in Europe, in Asia, and many people are watching. It was great that I was able to show them some of my Polish power. It was only two rounds today but next time, I think I can show you more of Martyna Kierczynska and more of my Polish power.”