The Professional Fighters League (PFL) returns in spectacular fashion, spearheading the 2023 PFL Playoffs. Fans eagerly anticipate the Heavyweight and Women’s Featherweight division semifinals, with top-tier talents vying for a coveted position in the finals.

In the spotlight is the Heavyweight contest featuring Brazil’s #2-seed Renan “Problema” Ferreira, known for his swift knockouts, squaring off against the #5-seed “The Crochet Boss” Maurice Greene from the USA. Weigh-ins were intense; Ferreira tipped the scales at 259.6 lbs, while Greene, making his PFL playoff debut, came in at 261.8 lbs.

For the co-main event, a Women’s Featherweight showdown, 2022 PFL World Champion Larissa Pacheco of Brazil, weighing 146 lbs, seeks to defend her position against the 147.8 lbs Ukrainian challenger, #4-seed Olena “Cannon” Kolesnyk. Their previous bout ended in Pacheco’s favor; Kolesnyk aims to rewrite that narrative.

Adding to the excitement, Heavyweight semifinal witnesses top seed Denis “The Russian Bogatyr” Goltsov of Russia, who scaled 243 lbs, aiming for his third playoff appearance victory. He meets the unbeaten US powerhouse, #4-seed Jordan “Thor” Heiderman, who weighed in at 247.2 lbs.

In the Women’s Featherweight division, Russian talent #2-seed Marina Mokhnatkina, who weighed 145 lbs, challenges American sensation #3-seed Amber “Touch ‘Em Up” Leibrock, coming in at 145.8 lbs. Both fighters are hungry for a victory, aiming to solidify their names in PFL history.



  • Heavyweight Semifinal:
    • #2 Renan Ferreira (259.6 lbs) vs. #5 Maurice Greene (261.8 lbs)
  • Women’s Featherweight Semifinal:
    • #1 Larissa Pacheco (146.0 lbs) vs. #4 Olena Kolesnyk (147.8 lbs)
      Note: Kolesnyk will be penalized due to missing weight: 1-point deduction and 20% of her purse forfeited to Pacheco.
  • Heavyweight Semifinal:
    • #1 Denis Goltsov (243.0 lbs) vs. #4 Jordan Heiderman (247.2 lbs)
  • Women’s Featherweight Semifinal:
    • #2 Marina Mokhnatkina (145.0 lbs) vs. #3 Amber Leibrock (145.8 lbs)
  • Featherweight Showcase:
    • Nathan Kelly (145.4 lbs) vs. Damion Nelson (145.8 lbs)

ESPN+ Card

  • Lightweight Showcase:
    • Chris Mixan vs. Eddy George
      Note: Both fighters were excluded due to the NYSAC’s decision against Mixan.
  • Heavyweight Showcase:
    • Danilo Marques (248.0 lbs) vs. Satoshi Ishii (240.2 lbs)
  • Women’s Flyweight Showcase:
    • Kaytlin Neil (125.8 lbs) vs. Maira Mazar (125.6 lbs)
  • Super Heavyweight Showcase:
    • Louie Sutherland (250.6 lbs) vs. Daiqwon Buckley (272.4 lbs)
      Note: Buckley missed the target weight; as a result, he will forfeit 20% of his purse to Sutherland. The match is now slated as a Super Heavyweight bout.