MMA Pro League To Present Unprecedented Doubleheader Event

he MMA Pro League’s comeback this Saturday, October 28, just leveled up! Brace yourselves for a double dose of excitement as the league declared a bonus fight – NJ KDojo versus NJ Pure MMA – enhancing the fervor of the Team NJ vs Team Ohio fight taking place at the scenic Hilton Meadowlands. And, drumroll, please… today, Hani Darwish, the MMA Pro League CEO, spilled the beans on all the individual fights, shining the spotlight on some of the freshest talents from diverse MMA divisions. The back-to-back action is set to roll starting 7 pm.

Racing to snag a seat? A handful of tickets are still up for grabs! Dive into and to claim yours. For those who’d prefer their couch comfort, FITE TV, the big gun in global streaming, is beaming the fight live. Be it in the US or anywhere on Earth, catch the live stream at 7pm ET. And guess what? The price tag’s a steal at $14.99, suitable for a chill evening at home, spanning televisions to mobile devices.

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Hani Darwish, the man at the helm of MMA Pro League, shares the excitement. “The noise and excitement from our fans and fighters compelled us to throw in the NJ Kdojo vs NJ Pure MMA team fight into the mix with the Team NJ vs Team Ohio tussle,” he exclaimed. “Saturday night promises a roller-coaster of rivalry, both at Hilton Meadowlands and over FITE TV!”

Here’s something to rev up your engines further: The big night will flaunt celebrated coaches mentoring all four teams. Team Ohio enjoys guidance from the UFC’s shining star, Matt Brown. Team NJ and Team KDojo benefit from the wisdom of the iconic trainer Murat Keshtov, a Hall of Fame member. And, taking charge of Team Pure MMA? None other than the NJ State Martial Arts Hall of Famer and a respected figure from UFC and Bellator, Andy Main.

For the freshest scoop on the October 28 gala, from team drills to pre-fight week festivities, and a sneak peek into fighters’ snapshots and footage, keep your eyes glued to MMA Pro League’s channels.