KnuckleMania IV: A Showdown of Titans in Los Angeles – Who Will Reign Supreme?

Event Date: April 27
Start Time: 8 PM EST / 1 AM UK Time
Streaming Details: Available on BKFC Platform
Venue: Peacock Theater, L.A. Live, Downtown Los Angeles

In the heart of Los Angeles, the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship threw down the gauntlet, igniting the fuse for KnuckleMania IV during a gritty press conference this past Wednesday. With the spotlight shining bright, Los Angeles braces itself for a showdown like no other on April 27 at the Peacock Theater.

At the helm of this charged event was none other than Mario Lopez, guiding the conference with the charisma only he can bring.

Topping the bill, ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry, the undisputed king of bare-knuckle brawling with an unblemished record, is set to lock horns with Thiago Alves, a titan in his own right, having once ruled the middleweight division.

The co-main event promises just as much fire, with Mick Terrill, the heavyweight behemoth, putting his crown on the line against the indomitable Lorenzo ‘The Juggernaut’ Hunt, a legend across divisions.

Adding to the night’s electric charge, ‘Big’ Ben Rothwell is geared up to take on Todd Duffee, reigniting a clash fans have been salivating over since its initial announcement.

And fresh off the press, Alfredo ‘El Perro’ Angulo steps into the BKFC ring, bringing his Olympic and world champion boxing pedigree to the bare-knuckle stage.

So, to all you hardcore fans out there, who do you reckon will stand tall when the dust settles?

Below are quotes from the participants at the press conference.

David Feldman, BKFC Founder and President

“It took us a while to get bare knuckle fighting regulated and legal here in California. We’ve got a great relationship with the commissioner, Andy Foster, and he’s welcomed us with open arms. This is going to be an amazing event. The buzz, the ticket sales, the interest around this event has all been historic for us. We’re so excited to be in Los Angeles.”

“We’re building this sport from the ground up and from the top down. From the ground up, we’re doing tryouts and smaller shows around the world. We’re doing fights in nine different countries this year, so we’re expanding globally. From the top down, we’re bringing in world champions from boxing and MMA so they can bring their fans over to see the baddest sport on the planet. This is the most exciting combat sport on the planet, hands down.”

“We have some very special signings that we’re going to announce at KnuckleMania IV, we’re certainly going to have some surprises there.”

“Platinum” Mike Perry

“The King of Violence stays home with me, baby.”

“I’m going to touch you up, I’m going to get in and out. Let’s see what happens after four minutes. Let’s see if you get up off that stool after four minutes.”

“You think you know what you are watching, but you don’t know anything. Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.”

“If he’s coming for a check, I’m going to break his neck.”

“You could train for boxing for the rest of your life and never be better than me because I was born with the swagger that I bring into the boxing ring.”

“The best thing he’s ever done is lose to Georges St-Pierre, and Georges St-Pierre couldn’t box in there with me either. He wouldn’t even think about coming here. All I know is, when I get in the ring and I tuck my chin, I’m more violent than you, I’m more savage than you, I want to fight more than you. I would’ve never left for two years.”

Thiago “Pitbull” Alves

“I expect a war. Mike is the face of BKFC right now, so he’s an exciting dude to fight. I’m ready, man. I’m ready for this fight; I’m going to be the King of Violence.”

“He’s definitely the face of BKFC right now and he’s been active, but I like my odds. I believe in myself. I believe in my training camp, and I believe in my pedigree. I’m going to go in there April 27 and I’m going to be the King of Violence.”

“Mike is a phenomenal fighter. He’s an exciting dude. I think he’s (expletive) hilarious. It’s a big show. To be able to headline this show against Mike Perry, it’s a great opportunity, so I couldn’t say no.”

“Fans are going to see a beautiful performance by me, putting away the golden boy, Mike Perry.”

Mick Terrill

“I’m going to punch him very hard lots of times. Lorenzo is very explosive. He’s going to be good for two or three minutes, then I’m going to lean on him, I’m going to put him on his back foot, and I’m going to catch you right on your chin. I can’t miss it because your mouth is so big, and I’m going to put you to sleep.”

“Lorenzo, you send telegrams when you throw your punches. Your punches come from about four miles away.

“You’re the best at beating up little people. You’re a bully. You only spar little people; you don’t spar big people.”

Lorenzo ‘The Juggernaut’ Hunt

“Stop the games. Listen. There’s a reason I’m here folks. Mick Terrill got lucky and he took the belt overseas with him. I’m here to bring it back home.”

“I’m bringing the belt home, it’s as simple as that. When Mick Terrill shows up on fight night, he’s going to realize that he’s in there with the most violent, vicious bare-knuckle fighter in the world. This isn’t like back home where you’re fighting for crumpets. You’re fighting for real money in America, and you might not make it home if you keep running your (expletive) mouth.”

“(Being No. 1 on the Pound-for-Pound rankings) means that anybody anywhere in the world that stands in there with me is in more trouble than they’ve ever been in their life. I have the most wins in BKFC, the most knockouts in BKFC. I am the king of BKFC. The only reason you have that belt is because they gave you the shot before they gave it to me.”

“I like beating up big guys. One of my favorite things in the world to do is prove big-mouth fat guys wrong. They think that because they’re heavy, they can beat anyone.”

 “Big” Ben Rothwell

“He’s going to feel my knuckles right now because he brought a scale. I know what he’s up to; he’s trying to talk some fake (expletive).”

“I’m in tremendous shape. I’m really looking forward to this fight. I’m bringing everything this time; I’m not taking him lightly in the slightest.”

“This is a tough sport. Bare knuckle isn’t for everybody, but I do know that him and I are going to put on one hell of a fight. We’re going to set the bar for the two fights after us.”

“My game plan is simple. I’m going in there to beat your (expletive) (expletive), period. He knows it, and I know his game plan is similar. There’s going to be a clash, there’s going to be a lot of blood, and fans are going to love it.”

Todd Duffee

“Nobody wants to fight Ben, but I’m here for you, brother.”

“I’m just focused on Ben. I know what he is, I know who he is, I know what he’s all about, and it’s going to make for an exciting fight. I don’t think he’s afraid of the scale, I don’t think he’s afraid of me … We’re going to hell – that’s where we’re going – and I’ll be in good company.”

“I’m fighting the best in the division. It’s not a secret; he’s the boogeyman of the BKFC. There’s a reason they’re having me fight him. This is a No. 1 contender-style fight, and I fully expect to have a title shot after I win this fight.”

The Peacock Theater is located at 777 Chick Hearn Ct., Los Angeles, CA 90015. For more information visit their website, KnuckleMania IV is sponsored by Forged Irish Stout, Bucked Up, Grunt Style, Fubo Sports, Only Fans, Rasha and Savage Sip Coffee. Advance tickets may be purchased at

Ever since ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry burst onto the BKFC scene with a victory that had fans on the edge of their seats against Julian Lane, he’s turned into a global sensation in the fight world. His unforgettable sixth-round triumph over Michael ‘Venom’ Page in London not only put him in the spotlight but also established him as the fighter you can’t take your eyes off. With knockout wins over big names like Luke Rockhold and Eddie Alvarez in 2023, Perry’s showdowns became the stuff of legends, especially after a post-fight moment with Conor McGregor that broke the internet. His victory over Alvarez earned him the BKFC King of Violence Title belt, a testament to his explosive presence in the ring.

Thiago Alves, on the other hand, marked his entry into bare-knuckle fighting with a bang, dispatching Julian Lane with precision. His journey took a soaring leap when he clinched the inaugural BKFC Middleweight World Title, proving his dominance in the ring after halting Uly Diaz in their bout.

Lorenzo Hunt’s 2023 kicked off with fireworks at KnuckleMania III, where he delivered a jaw-dropping first-round knockout against Mike Richman, bouncing back with ferocity after a knockdown. This victory, coupled with his successful title defense against Chris Camozzi, showcased his elite skills and indomitable spirit, making every appearance a viral event.

Mick Terrill, hailing from the UK, has been electrifying the bare-knuckle scene since 2016, with every victory ending in a knockout. His recent win over Arnold Adams at BKFC-56 was a sweet revenge for his only defeat, reaffirming his status as a knockout artist.

‘Big’ Ben Rothwell, transitioning from a storied UFC career, made a thunderous entry into BKFC, demolishing Bobo O’Bannon and later, Josh Watson in bouts that redefined heavyweight bare-knuckle fighting.

Todd Duffee, with a track record of lightning-fast knockouts in the UFC, steps into the BKFC ring aiming to make waves against ‘Big’ Ben Rothwell. Fans are on the edge, waiting to see if he’ll carry his UFC ferocity into the bare-knuckle domain.

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