Kickboxing World Champion Cristina Caruso will fight at The Art of Fighting 2 in Italy

Kickboxing superstar Cristina Caruso will fight against Chiara Giusti on the 3 rounds (of 3 minutes each) distance with K-1 rules (punches, kicks and knees) at The Art of Fighting 2 on November 19 in Meda, a Northern Italian town internationally famous for its design creations. Cristina Caruso has won titles in different weight divisions and styles. In the K-1 style she won the Wako-Pro and DSF World middleweight titles. In the full-contact style (punches and kicks above the belt), she won the Wako-Pro World light heavyweight title and the Wako-Pro European middleweight championship.

In the main event of The Art of Fighting 2, kickboxing World Champion Luca Cecchetti (Italy, 53-5) will fight Fredo Cordeiro (Portugal) on the 3 rounds distance with K-1 rules. Luca Cecchetti is the current Wako-Pro World bantamweight champion, but the title won’t be on the line against Cordeiro. The other fights will be announced shortly.

Cristina, when you were informed that you would fight Chiara Giusti?

“The first week of September. It’s a rematch: I defeated her on points in 2018. It was a tough fight because she always came forward like a caterpillar and I had to move back to create the space to throw my punches and kicks. When I stopped, she did the clinch which is her specialty since she is basically a muay thai fighter.”

How much are you training?

“I am training twice a day, each session lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours. It depends from what I am doing and also from my job.”

What are your short term goals?

“I want to debut in professional boxing. If I get an opportunity to fight for a kickboxing world title for a good purse, I will accept it. But my main goal is to achieve in boxing the same success that I achieved in kickboxing”.