Khabib trainer: Poirier will ‘break Conor McGregor’s will’ in re-match…

Mendez also tells McGregor what small change he needs to make for ‘huge impact’

Javier Mendez, speaking via the MyBettingSites blog blog: “Poirier will ‘break Conor McGregor’s will’ in re-match… Conor ‘not as confident’ as last time but will ‘come in with vengeance’

Javier Mendez: Conor is going to come in a different fighter – more mature, but maybe not as confident as he was last time

“Conor is gonna come in different, he’s going to come in a different fighter. He will be a much more mature fighter from the last bout. But he will maybe not be as confident as he was last time, because then he was overconfident and this time he’s going to come in with vengeance.

“We’ll see whether he has enough to deter Poirier because Dustin in my opinion felt what Conor had when he got hit with that really good shot – and it didn’t do anything to him. Dustin just became stronger, so I don’t know if Dustin is gonna go right at him off the bat. That’s a good possibility. It’s a different fight, it’s gonna be a better fight. If I had to favourite anybody I’d probably favour Dustin, but you can never count Conor out.”

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Javier Mendez: Dustin wins by breaking Conor down, breaking his will.

“Dustin wins by basically breaking Conor down – I can see that happening. Dustin comes in and goes at him, breaks him down, break his will. That’s how I see it happening. Dustin comes in and just breaks him down, takes what he has and more or less says ‘here, I’m giving it you back two-fold’.”

Javier Mendez: All Conor needs to do to adjust is to not stay in the Karate stance – adjust his calf kicking checking and everything else will follow

“All he needs to do is don’t stay in that Karate stance. The only thing he needs to adjust is his leg calf kicking checking, he doesn’t need to change anything else other than that. That’ll change the fight in itself. That calf kicking changed everything, you could see how it affected him.

“All of a sudden he couldn’t really do what he wanted to do because his body was betraying him – his legs weren’t moving in the way that he wanted them to move.”

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That small adjustment could huge impact, 100%. The only issue is that Dustin took his best shot and I think that gave him a lot of confidence, so Dustin might just come in there and break him anyway.

Javier Mendez: Conor is a real fighter – but if loses for a second time, he would definitely question retirement

“If he did lose a second time, I think he would really question if he really needs this or if he still has it – so yeah, it could definitely make him think about it. But he’s a real fighter too, so if he does lose again he’ll probably say ‘Im not leaving the sport like this’ because guys that are able to gain the type of attention he does, they’re going to want to end it on a good note.

“He’s still young too, so he’s not going to want to end it on a bad note, so that’s a possibility. If he does lose, he may not just be finished because he’s too much of a fighter.”

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