CES MMA 77 on Friday, May 3, at Foxwoods Resort Casino

Josh “Hook On” Harvey is gearing up for the most significant battle of his career against Charles “Boston Strong” Rosa, a seasoned UFC veteran, in a showdown that could redefine his fighting legacy. This clash for the CES MMA Lightweight World Championship headlines CES MMA 77 on Friday, May 3, at the prestigious Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT.

Harvey, holding a record of 8-2-1, finds himself at a turning point, facing off against Rosa, who boasts a record of 16-8 and comes with a wealth of experience from his 13 UFC battles. It’s a fight that could propel Harvey into the limelight or serve as a harsh reality check against the tough, seasoned Rosa.

From the humble beginnings in Maine’s smaller gyms to the polished floors of American Top Team in Virginia, Harvey has transitioned from a local talent to a fighter on the brink of greatness. His journey, marked by personal and professional growth, shows a man not just fighting opponents in the cage but also battling life’s constraints to pursue his dream fully.

“This is the first camp where I haven’t had to work one or two jobs, so it’s amazing. It’s probably one of the better camps I’ve ever put together,” Harvey shared from his camp, hinting at a newfound focus and dedication that could be the edge he needs against Rosa.

While Harvey has revamped his training regimen, embracing a full team of specialized coaches, Rosa remains a daunting figure with an impressive track record and the kind of resilience that only comes from years inside the octagon.

The fight card, set to unfold in one of the Northeast’s most famed venues, promises a night of intense action, with Harvey vs. Rosa as the centerpiece of a six-fight spectacle that could shake up the lightweight division.

Rosa, a veteran of 24 professional fights, finds himself on the cusp of his first world title shot, a milestone that has surprisingly eluded him until now. “I’ve had an amazing career up to this point, but this is the first chance I get to fight for the world title as a professional,” Rosa expressed, reflecting on his journey filled with ‘Fight of the Night’ performances and close battles against top fighters like Yair Rodriguez.

The Peabody native’s path to the title fight at CES MMA 77 has been paved with significant victories, including a recent knockout win that solidified his position for the championship bout. “Harvey has a great record with 8 wins and only 2 losses,” Rosa said, acknowledging his opponent’s prowess. “He’s beaten some tough guys, and both of his losses are to world-class fighters, so I think he’s a tough opponent and I’m excited to get it on with him on May 3rd.”

Harvey, known for his solid wrestling background and fierce determination, poses a unique challenge for Rosa, whose grappling skills and experience in diverse fighting environments give him an edge. Rosa, aware of Harvey’s capabilities, remarked, “I expect him to have good wrestling, but I think it’ll be dangerous for him to try to take me down because he knows my level of jiu-jitsu. If he wants to stand and bang, we can do that too.”

Training at Soma Fight Club in Bali and American Top Team in Boca Raton has prepared Rosa for this pivotal moment. Surrounded by rising stars and seasoned fighters, he has honed his skills and strategy for the upcoming fight. “Daniel ‘Sancoro’ Marcos is 16-0, 3-0 with the UFC and is almost ready for a title shot against Sean O’Malley,” Rosa shared, detailing his rigorous training regimen and the high-level talent he trains alongside.

For Rosa, winning the CES title is not just about claiming a belt; it’s about fulfilling a childhood dream of winning a world championship at Foxwoods, a venue steeped in personal history and significance. “On May 3rd, I’m a world champion, I’m on a 3-fight winning streak with all finishes, and I’m in a great spot,” Rosa declared with confidence.

Looking ahead, Rosa envisions defending his title in the iconic Boston Garden, a venue where he holds a record for the most wins. “I have the most all-time wins at the Boston Garden, even above Conor McGregor and Rob Font,” he proudly stated, envisioning a future where he defends his belt in his hometown, potentially alongside his brother Lucas, adding a familial dimension to his already illustrious career.

As Friday night approaches, the excitement builds for what could be a transformative fight for both Charles Rosa and Josh Harvey. With their skills, determination, and deep New England roots, this title bout is more than just a fight; it’s a celebration of their enduring spirit and the culmination of years of hard work.

Event Details:

  • Date: Friday, May 3
  • Venue: Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, CT
  • Doors Open: 7:30 PM EST
  • First Fight: 8:00 PM EST
  • Streaming Details: CES Fights
  • Tickets: Available at CES Fights and Ticketmaster

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