Jacinta Austin Eyes Strawweight World Title in OKTAGON MMA: Aiming to Replicate Ebanie Bridges’ Popularity Down Unde

Australian MMA star Jacinta Austin is setting her sights on the OKTAGON MMA strawweight world title and a new level of stardom. She hopes to become Australia’s next combat sports sensation, following in the footsteps of her former sparring partner and boxing world champion, Ebanie Bridges.

The 28-year-old fighter will be competing for the world title this Saturday in Frankfurt, Germany, far removed from the gym in western Sydney where she first trained alongside Bridges.

Austin reminisces about her early days with Bridges, stating, “The first ever boxing gym I went to, Ebanie was there. She had just gotten started herself and was about six months to a year ahead of me. We were the only girls training at that time, motivating each other.”

As Austin gears up for her title fight against hometown hero Katharina Dalisda at Frankfurt’s iconic FestHalle, she believes a win would mark the beginning of her rise as a global fan favorite. “I think the biggest parallels between me and Ebanie are just our aggression and the heart that we bring into combat,” Austin noted.

Confident in her skills and strategy, Austin is undeterred by her underdog status going into the fight. “I love it,” she said. “I feed off people saying that I don’t stand a chance. I have the upper hand over Dalisda in all aspects of MMA. As soon as she can’t land the striking that she’d like to, she’s going to turn to wrestling, and I will be ready.”

This will be Austin’s second fight under the OKTAGON MMA banner, a promotion she applauds for their excellent treatment of fighters and high-quality media work. “OKTAGON MMA are awesome,” she praises. “The people who look after us when we travel are amazing. They’re an amazing brand.”

In addition to her title ambitions, Austin hopes her journey will pave the way for other Australian fighters. “I feel like I’ve kind of opened maybe a little door for other Australians, because we’re not too familiar with European MMA,” she said. “In Europe, you’ve got the pick of the litter, unlike in Australia where fighters often struggle to get matched.”

OKTAGON MMA has rapidly ascended the ranks of global MMA promotions, recently making it to the 5-promotion shortlist for MMA promotion of the year. The promotion is celebrated for its high-level production value and competitive match-making, further enhancing the stakes for Austin’s upcoming title fight.

With a win this weekend, Jacinta Austin could not only claim a world title but also start a journey towards becoming Australia’s next combat sports sensation. And in doing so, she’d be tracing the steps of her old friend Ebanie Bridges, but in a world entirely her own.