Heavyweights Dos Santos and Werdum Promise Fireworks in Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA

UFC Heavyweight Champions Junior Dos Santos and Fabricio Werdum prepare to step back into the ring. These two seasoned fighters will headline Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA event on September 8 at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. What adds spice to this face-off is that it will be a free-to-view event, streamed live on Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA’s YouTube page.

Dos Santos: “Expect Another Knockout”

Junior Dos Santos, who emerged victorious in their 2008 bout with a first-round knockout, seems confident about a repeat performance. “I’m going to knock him out again and that’s 100%,” he vowed. According to Dos Santos, their initial clash was pivotal in shaping his UFC career, largely motivated by Werdum’s trash talk at the time.

Werdum: “We’re Making History”

For Fabricio Werdum, the past doesn’t weigh heavy on his shoulders. “I’m a different fighter now,” Werdum stated, insisting his focus lies solely on the present and the future. He doesn’t see this bout as a quest for revenge but as an opportunity to celebrate a victory with a grand family barbecue.

The First Clash: A Catalyst for Both

Dos Santos reminisced about their first encounter, which he described as a career-defining moment for him. “Werdum was talking a lot of trash, but when people try to put my back against the wall, I fight back,” he recalled. Werdum also bounced back from that loss to become a world champion.

The Bareknuckle Factor

Adding a twist to the tale, this time the gloves come off — literally. The bareknuckle format is an aspect both fighters embrace. Werdum described it as a nod to the old-school Vale Tudo style, while Dos Santos stated it wouldn’t drastically alter their primary strategies.

Striker vs. Grappler

Despite their differing fight styles, both fighters agreed that strategy is not what this bout is about. “He’s a grappler and I’m a striker. Once again, it’s not going to work,” declared Dos Santos. Werdum seconded this sentiment, emphasizing that both are evolved fighters now, but their basic game plans remain the same.

Self-Belief Takes Center Stage

Instead of fixating on their opponent’s tactics, both fighters emphasized their own preparation and mental readiness. “It’s about me and what I’m capable of doing,” Dos Santos concluded. Werdum echoed this, saying, “I was born a fighter and that’s it.”

Get Your Tickets!

For those who want to witness this slugfest in person, tickets are already up for grabs on Ticketmaster.com. With both fighters in peak form and committed to making this a historic event, this is one bout you won’t want to miss.