Hattan Alsaif Makes History As First-Ever Woman From The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia To Sign With Major Global MMA Promotion

In a move that’s stirring the pot in the MMA world, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) has just inked a deal with Hattan Alsaif, making her the first Saudi Arabian woman to step into the global MMA spotlight. This 22-year-old powerhouse, fresh off her gold-medal glory at the 2023 International Federation of Muay Thai Associations World Championships, is not just a fighter; she’s a trailblazer. With her eyes set on her amateur MMA debut in 2024, Alsaif is ready to throw down in the PFL cage, armed with accolades from the World Combat Games and the Saudi Games.

Alsaif couldn’t hide her excitement, “Landing a contract with the PFL? It’s like waking up to find out you can fly. It’s a hefty mantle to be the first Saudi woman in global MMA, but I’m here to carve a path for the fierce ladies coming up behind me. Big shoutout to the man upstairs and the PFL for flipping my world upside down.”

Ray Sefo, the PFL’s maestro of fighter operations, can barely contain his glee, “Welcoming Hattan Alsaif to the PFL family is like hitting the jackpot. With our buddies at SRJ Sports, we’re on a mission to unearth gems like Alsaif and boost the women’s MMA scene in the region. We’re handing them the mic on a global stage to belt out their talents.”

Alsaif is set to sharpen her skills with Abdullah Al-Qahtani, a titan in the PFL vs. Bellator showdown. Her entry into the PFL not only spices up the roster but also opens doors for top-tier talent in the Middle East and North Africa to strut their stuff in PFL MENA, aiming for a spot on the PFL’s global roster.

PFL stands out in the MMA circus with its season-style showdowns, pitting fighters in a battle royale of regular seasons, playoffs, and championships. With a roster that rivals the UFC’s, boasting 30% of its fighters in the top 25 of their weight classes, the PFL is sketching out its blueprint for the “Champions League of MMA” with ventures like PFL Europe and PFL MENA. At the forefront of the tech revolution in the sport, PFL’s SmartCage is changing the game with analytics and AI scoring, making every fight a spectacle. With ESPN/ESPN+ in the US and a global broadcast network spanning 150 countries, the PFL is laying down the gauntlet in the MMA world.