Grasso vs. Shevchenko: A Showdown of Titans in The Ultimate Fighter Season 32

  • Date of Premiere: June 4
  • Streaming Details: Exclusively on ESPN, with all episodes available on ESPN+
  • Start Time: Episodes air every Tuesday
  • Venue: UFC APEX for Media Day on March 11

The UFC’s battlefield is electrified as it unveils the 32nd saga of The Ultimate Fighter, orchestrating a showdown between the reigning flyweight sovereign, Alexa Grasso, and the legendary combatant, Valentina Shevchenko. Following the adrenaline-infused series premiere on ESPN this June 4, these warriors will lock horns for a third, monumental bout.

This edition, christened The Ultimate Fighter: Team Grasso vs. Team Shevchenko, congregates a fierce ensemble of 16 contenders from 14 corners of the globe, plunging into the featherweight and middleweight arenas. These gladiators have cast aside their everyday existence for a coveted shot at UFC stardom, heralding a spectacle like no other.

Spanning 12 enthralling episodes, every Tuesday becomes a sanctuary for MMA devotees, craving their fix of exhilaration. And for the insatiable, a treasure trove of past seasons awaits on ESPN+.

The Ultimate Fighter has sculpted the careers of numerous UFC luminaries, including the likes of Julianna Peña and Kamaru Usman. This season is poised to etch yet another indelible mark in this storied tradition.

Emerging from Guadalajara, Mexico, Alexa Grasso steps into the limelight, armed with a dossier of conquests, including over Shevchenko herself. Grasso is primed to channel her combat prowess, guiding her team toward another resounding victory over Shevchenko.

Valentina Shevchenko, a martial connoisseur from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, enters the fray with a tapestry of martial feats. With a compendium of victories across diverse fighting disciplines, Shevchenko embarks on a quest to reclaim her crown, starting with her role as a TUF mentor.

As these formidable forces gear up to disseminate their battle-hardened insights, a media congregation beckons on March 11 at UFC APEX, ushering in coaches and combatants alike.

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