DAZN And PFL Sign Exclusive Broadcast Agreement For French Market

In a move that screams, “We’re not playing around,” the behemoth of sports streaming, DAZN, joined forces with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), arguably the most trailblazing sports league out there. They’ve inked a deal to make DAZN the lone broadcaster of PFL shenanigans in France. Talk about a power play!

Remember last year’s Parisian bash by PFL? That riotous affair which the masses voted as the top MMA crowd of 2023, shattering viewership records in France? Yeah, that’s when Cedric Doumbe, with a record as clean as a whistle (5-0), delivered a viral, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 9-second knockout. Now, he’s facing Baissangour “Baki” Chamsoudinov (8-0), an unbeaten menace and without a doubt, the most formidable challenge in “The Best’s” career. These two Parisians are geared up to wreak havoc in the SmartCage on 7 March, live on DAZN.

The Accor Arena will also play host to the inauguration of the PFL Europe Season on the same day. Picture this: a horde of fresh, elite European fighters, along with some familiar bruisers, all ready to embark on their journey to glory, eyeing the PFL Europe Championship belt and a cool $100,000.

The PFL-DAZN handshake in France kicks off with a bang – the jaw-dropping pay-per-view juggernaut, PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions, at the swanky Kingdom Arena in Riyadh on 24 February. Picture this: a card stacked with PFL and Bellator champions duking it out. Plus, a couple of tasty face-offs between former PFL and Bellator title contenders.

French MMA aficionados are in for a treat, with year-round, exclusive ringside seats to these brawls on DAZN. This tie-up boosts DAZN’s already impressive lineup of elite sports showdowns in France. With MMA’s skyrocketing popularity there, DAZN’s betting big on becoming the go-to spot for sports junkies.

DAZN’s head honcho, Shay Segev, couldn’t hide his glee, boasting about the deal being a cornerstone in DAZN’s French conquest. He’s all about upping the ante with premium, accessible fight cards, starring the likes of Cedric Doumbe, and helping MMA flourish in France.

PFL’s top dog, Peter Murray, echoed the excitement, hyping up the second season of PFL Europe and DAZN’s role in bringing European fighting talent to the global stage.