Club Sumo 1 Tournament Results

Soslan “Big Bear” Gagloev, in a display of sheer brute force, steamrolled over a dozen competitors at Jersey City’s White Eagle Hall. This epic showdown, broadcast for the globe’s viewing pleasure on TrillerTV, wasn’t just an ordinary evening. No, it was the grand unveiling of the Club Sumo tournament, and trust me, Gagloev wasn’t there to be anyone’s understudy.

In the championship’s colossus clash, our underdog, Gagloev, butted heads with the crowd’s darling and top dog, “Sandstorm” Oosuna-Arashi. This showdown was a full-blown warzone. Gagloev unleashed a takedown in the final round so mighty, it nearly sent shockwaves through the venue’s foundations, clinching his title as the first-ever Club Sumo champ.

Sporting a grin rivaling the size of his victory, Gagloev quipped, “Being the first Club Sumo champ is a hoot. We’re just revving up here. The crowd was buzzing, and I’m chomping at the bit to dive back into the ring and prove sumo’s supremacy.”

This event was merely the appetizer in a three-course sumo feast unfolding across New Jersey this winter. The grand prize? The inaugural title of International Sumo League (ISL) World Champion. The next round? Club Sumo makes its comeback to White Eagle Hall on Thursday, February 8. And for the final act, the World Championship Sumo at Newark’s Prudential Center on Sunday, February 18. Craving a slice of the sumo cake? Snatch your tickets at

Missed the sumo mayhem? Here’s the lowdown on how the giants fell:

Preliminary Pummels:

  • Oosuna-Arashi trounces William Reeg 2-0
  • Soslan Gagloev bulldozes Ivan Sergeivech 2-0
  • Rui Junior sends Mike Saudino packing 2-0
  • Artur Bagaev muscles out Joshua Rosado 2-0
  • Brennen Moorfield annihilates Eslam Ibrahim 2-0
  • Kamal Basira effortlessly dispatches Jim Gramer 2-0
  • Joshua Rosado and Ivan Sergeivech slip in as wild cards

Quarterfinal Rumbles:

  • Oosuna-Arashi muscles past Joshua Rosado 2-0
  • Kamal Basira outmaneuvers Artur Bagaev 2-0
  • Soslan Gagloev crushes Ivan Sergeivech 2-0
  • Rui Junior sends Brennen Moorefield packing 2-0

Semifinal Clashes:

  • Oosuna-Arashi edges out Kamal Basira 2-1
  • Soslan Gagloev overpowers Rui Junior 2-0

Bronze Brawl:

  • Rui Junior decisively beats Kamal Basira 2-0

The Showstopper:

  • Soslan Gagloev secures a hard-fought victory over Oosuna-Arashi 2-1