The International Sumo League (ISL) is set to make a groundbreaking entrance in the United States next year, kicking off with three colossal Sumo fights in January and February. The main event, the World Championship Sumo, is scheduled to rumble into the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on Sunday, February 18. This is not just a fight; it’s a seismic event, where the first-ever ISL World Sumo Champion will be crowned in a spectacle billed as “The Biggest Show On Earth.”

But before this grand showdown, the ISL is serving up two appetizers with the first “Club Sumo” tournaments. These showdowns are set for Thursday, January 25 and Thursday, February 8 at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey.

If you want to witness these titanic clashes in person, mark your calendars: tickets for the Prudential Center event go on sale this Friday, December 8, at 12 p.m. ET, available via Prices range from a light $25 to a heavyweight $200, plus the usual fees. The bell rings at 7 p.m. ET. For the White Eagle Hall events, tickets are also dropping this Friday, available through, with prices ranging from $30 to $60.

Sumo, a sport of colossal proportions and revered around the globe, will see Rikishi (Sumo wrestlers) from over 84 countries engaging in fast-paced, action-packed matches. Each event promises at least 12 fighters, battling it out in up to 42 one-on-one bouts, leading to an ultimate showdown to crown the top four warriors.

World Championship Sumo is set to be an explosive night, featuring the biggest and the best colliding in the heart of the dohyo, every bout ending in triumph!

ISL President Noah Goldman, a man on a mission to elevate Sumo wrestling, especially in North America, has scoured over 25 countries, from Japan to Germany, to recruit top Rikishi. The full international roster will be revealed soon.

Goldman is pumped to showcase the best Rikishi, their explosive power, and athleticism at every match. He’s also stoked to collaborate with the Prudential Center team and the HSBE universe in bringing World Championship Sumo to Newark and the tri-state area. “Be prepared to be thrilled and amazed by our Fighting Giants,” he says.

Dylan Wanagiel, VP at HBSE/Prudential Center, echoes this excitement. They’re proud to partner with the International Sumo League, showcasing the world’s best Sumo wrestlers in New Jersey. Sumo, a sport echoing over 2,000 years of tradition, will bring a thunderous clash of titans to Prudential Center and White Eagle Hall for the first time.

Sumo, or Ozumo, has its roots in ancient Japan, dating back to the Yayoi period. It’s Japan’s national sport, and Sumo wrestlers, especially Yokozuna (grand champions), are revered as sacred. The sport, as we know it today, crystallized around 1684 with the establishment of enduring rules. In the dohyo, the ring, two wrestlers face off in a test of strength, strategy, and spirit, with the winner pushing his opponent out of the ring or forcing him to the ground within three minutes.

Sumo wrestlers, the giants of the sporting world, typically weigh around 330 pounds, with some behemoths tipping the scales at over 450 pounds.

World Championship Sumo promises to be an electrifying event, akin to witnessing two giant trucks in a relentless collision course!

Stay tuned, as more exhilarating details about the World Championship Sumo activities will be announced in the weeks to come.