BKFC-59 Results: John Dodson Retains Flyweight World Title

Albuquerque’s own John Dodson stood his ground against the fierce challenger Dagoberto Aguero, with their clash ending in a unanimous stalemate, leaving fans on the edge of their seats at Tingley Coliseum. Dodson, the reigning champ, managed to floor Aguero early on, only to find himself tasting the canvas in the subsequent rounds – a first in his BKFC saga. Despite the deadlock, Dodson keeps his crown, a testament to the ironclad BKFC rules against a tiebreaker round in title tussles.

Dodson, known for his lightning strikes, came into this brawl riding the high of an undefeated streak within the BKFC ring, while Aguero, with a history of laying opponents to rest in the boxing ring, marked his BKFC presence felt, moving to a gritty 1-0-1.

Post-fight, Dodson doffed his cap to Aguero’s unexpected might, vowing a return to the drawing board for a decisive win next time. Aguero, hungry for a rematch but on different turf, eyes Miami for the next showdown, with Dodson ready to rumble wherever the challenge beckons.

The co-main event saw Albuquerque’s Donald Sanchez, a rising force, dismantle Dallas Davison with a knockout that echoed through the Coliseum, staking his claim as a force to be reckoned with in the middleweight division. His victory cry? A bold challenge to the reigning BKFC Middleweight World Champion, David Mundell.

BKFC’s architect, David Feldman, hinted at grand plans post-event, with Austin Trout’s title defense on the horizon amid a string of thrilling shows. As for the Dodson-Aguero rematch, the wheels are in motion, with Feldman jet-setting for potential blockbuster announcements.

In the undercard, the night was alive with swift victories and knockout blows. Nick Kohring made a statement debut, while Ruben Warr and Keith Richardson showcased their knockout prowess, leaving no doubt about their intentions in the BKFC ring.

BKFC 59 Result

(c) John Dodson vs. Dagoberto Aguero is ruled Unanimous Draw (46-46×3)

Dodson retains BKFC World Flyweight Title

Donald Sanchez def. Dallas Davison via KO in Round 3 (1:19)

Nick Kohring def. Kyle McElroy via KO in Round 1 (0:30)

Ruben Warr def. Lorenzo Coca via KO in Round 1 (1:46)

Marc Entenberg def. Van Vo via Majority Decision (48-46×2, 47-47)

Justin Street def. Anthony Sanchez via Unanimous Decision (48-47×2, 49-46)

Felipe Chavez def. Leandro Torres via TKO in Round 1 (0:58)

Manuel Otero def. Michael Furnier via KO in Round 2 (0:42)

Austin Lewis def. Joshua Rickey via Unanimous Decision (48-47×2, 49-46)