BKFC 58 Results From Action Packed, Sold-out Event In Sofia, Bulgaria

On a night thick with tension, Arena Sofia turned into a coliseum where only the toughest survive. BKFC-58 wasn’t just another fight night; it was a proving ground where men turned into legends, and legends bled just like the rest.

Toni Markulev, the new blood, and Kaloyen Kolev, the seasoned brawler, squared off in a dance where fists did the talking. Markulev, with ice in his veins, put Kolev on the canvas early, sending a message loud and clear. The judges, they saw what everyone else did – Markulev was the kingpin of the night, unanimous decision, no questions asked.

On the undercard, Vaso Bakocevic and Ramadan Nooman threw down in a scrap that was too close for comfort, a real nail-biter. But Bakocevic, that sly dog, edged out with a majority decision, leaving Nooman wondering what hit him.

Then there was the spectacle of Azimov and Ivanov, a featherweight fracas that ended all square, a split draw. It was a reminder that in this game, it’s anyone’s guess until the last bell rings.

The night was a montage of knockdowns, comebacks, and knockouts. From Yunus Batan’s relentless assault to Dominik Estorer’s buzzer-beater, the tales of grit and gusto were plenty. Mehdi Barghi showed heart with a comeback for the ages, and Stanoy Tabakov, that behemoth, delivered a knockout that’ll be talked about today.

BKFC-58 Results

Toni Markulev def. Kaloyen Kolev via Unanimous Decision (48-46×3)

Vaso Bakocevic def. Ramadan Nooman via Majority Decision (48-46, 46-48, 47-47)

Zohrab Azimov vs. Veselin Ivanov is ruled a Split Draw (48-46, 46-48, 47-47)

Yunus Batan def. Zhivko Stoimenov via TKO in Round 4 (0:21)

Dominik Estorer def. Steve Pasche via KO in Round 1 (1:59)

Mehdi Barghi def. Nikolai Alexiev via KO in Round 1 (1:47)

Stanoy Tabakov def. Petr Beranek via KO in Round 1 (1:24)

Angel Petkov def. Felipe Maia via Majority Decision (49-45×2, 47-47)

Iliyan Adrianov def. Tomas Vojtela via KO in Round 1 (1:38)

Nicole Schaefer def. Daniela Graf via TKO in Round 2 (2:00)

Ruslan Tokhtarov def. Zdrovko Dimitrov via Unanimous Decision (48-47, 49-46, 48-47)

Emil Enchev def. Sakis Zampelos via KO in Round 1 (0:38)