Bare-Knuckle Brawl Breaks into New England: Hardy vs. Ferea Clash at BKFC-61 Event Details:


Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, the combat realm’s rising star, storms into New England with BKFC-61, headlined by a showdown that’s got the hardcore fans on the edge of their seats. Brooklyn’s own Heather Hardy, a pugilistic prodigy turned bare-knuckle brawler, is set to throw down with Las Vegas’ queen of the ring, Christine Ferea.

Tickets are up for grabs at BKFC’s digital den, and the Mohegan Sun Arena gears up to host this spectacle. For those who can’t make it, the clash will light up screens worldwide via the BKFC App, backed by a posse of sponsors from Forged Irish Stout to Savage Sip Coffee.

Hardy, stepping into the squared circle, tipped her hat to Ferea, signaling a duel where lessons will be learned, not just punches thrown. Ferea, with a sharp retort, hinted at a showdown where only one can reign supreme.

BKFC’s honcho, David Feldman, saluted these warriors, marking their bout as the crown jewel of BKFC’s New England debut. The card promises a night where legends are made, in an arena that’s seen its fair share of battles.

Hardy, with gloves traded for knuckles, carries a legacy built on 24 wins, her mastery sealed with a world title win that’s etched in the annals of Madison Square Garden. Her ventures into the Bellator cage have only added to her legend.

Ferea, the iron lady of the flyweight division, boasts a streak of victories, her name feared across continents. With each opponent bested, from Rawlings to Hart, her path has been one of relentless dominance.

As BKFC-61 brews a storm, the lineup swells with fights that promise nothing short of thrill and spill. So, to the diehards and the loyal fans of the fight game, who’s your pick in this clash of titans? Hardy or Ferea – who’ll write history in the unforgiving ring of BKFC?

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