Valor Sports & Entertainment, Inc Unveils an Explosive Main Event for VBK2

Valor Bare Knuckle, the pinnacle haven for genuine bare-knuckle boxing, gleefully trumpets the electrifying main event for VBK2. Mark “The Hand Of” Godbeer, the crowned VBK1 Heavyweight Tournament Victor from Bridgwater, Somerset, England, stands ready to shield his title against the fierce puncher, Lavar “Big” Johnson, who battles from Fresno, California.

Both Godbeer and Johnson have splashed ripples in the bare-knuckle fighting realm with their staggering might and knockout prowess. This cinematic clash teases an indelible duel of two powerhouses known for flooring adversaries, mesmerizing spectators with their dynamite displays.

These gladiators share more than their knack for delivering spine-chilling knockouts; both savored triumph at the maiden VBK 1 event, which unfurled on Saturday, September 21, 2019, in New Town North Dakota. Their odyssey from that monumental evening propels them to this important juncture, eager to once again dance in the revered “Bout Circle” to resolve their rivalry.

Valor Bare Knuckle 2 is poised to ignite at the spectator-friendly University of North Florida (UNF) Center in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 27, 2023. Under the global gaze, Godbeer and Johnson will spearhead an event fated to etch itself as an ageless masterpiece.

“Bare-knuckle combat hinges on heart, might, and grit, and both Mark Godbeer and Lavar Johnson radiate these attributes,” voiced VBK host Ken Shamrock, the emblem of the enterprise. “Our excitement bubbles over, welcoming these two combatants back to the bout circle for VBK2. Spectators have been yearning for this fight, and we vouch for a pyrotechnic display.”

The indomitable spirit named Mark “The Hand Of” Godbeer has carved his legacy in the annals of combat lore with his breathtaking, skeleton-shattering strength emanating from his tempestuous hands. From the core of the United Kingdom, Goodbeer hungers for a shattering victory over Johnson.

“In every fight, we both wield the might to floor each other,” declared Mark Goodbeer. “My aim, every time, is to send my rival to dreamland, and this fight won’t deviate. If my punch finds Lavar unguarded, he’ll drift into slumber—that’s a vow, and that’s my strategy.”

Lavar “Big” Johnson stands unchallenged as a paramount bare-knuckle demolition expert. His raw, untamed might is awe-inducing, casting him as a daunting and unyielding foe for any valiant heart daring to challenge him in the ring. Lavar Johnson harbors grand designs to dismantle Goodbeer, aiming to cement his stature in bare-knuckle lore.

“Combat dynamics sculpt fights,” voiced Lavar Johnson. “Both Mark Godbeer and I are fighters who live by the sword. The one landing that potent punch will crumble. It promises to be a spectacle, urging all to plug in. Valor Bare Knuckle is the emerging force set to dominate the combat arena.”

Eagerness for this duel soars, positioning it as a prime contender for “Fight of the Night.” Combat enthusiasts worldwide will converge digitally to soak in this monumental clash, and tickets, available soon, are predicted to vanish in a flash.

Stay alert for further thrilling revelations about the complete fight roster for VBK2.